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  • Subaru Direct Injection Carbon Build Up Youtube

    New WRX owners and many whom purchased into the newest tech of direct injection may not have heard of this problem. A few tips and tricks to help you avoid this issue alongside, proper tuning..

  • Subaru Direct Injection Youtube

    Soot control in direct injection cars incl. mitsubishi, Great Wall, subaru and more Duration . MRT Performance , views.

  • Performancethe Subaru Boxer Engine Subarus Technology

    * D SDirect injection stroke gasoline engine Superior version FA DIT The FA DIT is based on the next generation boxer “FA”, and in a first for SUBARU, introduces Direct Injection .

  • Whats The Difference Between Subaru Engines

    Direct Injection delivers fuel at an extremely high pressure of up to MPa psi directly into the combustion chamber, instead of premixing fuel with air in the intake port as is done in more conventional fuel injection systems..